Sports Marketing

From the web to tv, merchandise to social media, today’s sports franchises have more diverse opportunities to reach their fanbase than ever before. But that very diversity makes it harder to manage and take advantage of each channel: it requires a wider skillset and knowledge of different media - skills that most clubs and franchises don’t have in-house.

If that’s a situation you recognise, Sillsport Sports Marketing is an ideal partner for you. We are a team of professionals marketers and consultants with impressive experience both client side and with agencies. As well as having the creative skills, we also have an outstanding first-hand knowledge of professional sport, enabling us to bring a commercial approach grounded in the realities of running a professional sports franchise.

We can work with you to devise and execute multi-channel campaigns and strategies, help you harness online channels and social media, or provide creative solutions for direct mail, merchandising or corporate literature (such as hospitality and sponsorship brochure packs.)

With a flexible approach and a range of resources at our disposal we can operate as a consultancy team, provide one-off or campaign solutions or become your full-service outsourced marcomms agency. Our services include:

  • Offline Media Planning and Buying
  • Creative and Design
  • E-mail and Online Media and Campaign Management
  • TV, Video, Radio and Print Production
  • Direct Mail
  • Strategic Campaign Planning
  • Post Campaign Management
  • Web Design and Development
  • Merchandising
  • SEO/PPC Implementation and Planning

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