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Sillsport Sports Development is a new concept in investment that has already been featured on CNBC. The underlying principle is straightforward: investors buy shares in the company, and the money raised is used to secure contractual rights on young footballers. As their careers blossom, the company receives a return from their transfer fees.

It’s a model which offers an unusual opportunity to invest in talent - and which can help young sportsmen and women from developing countries to maximise their commercial potential.

Using our first-hand experience and extensive network of contacts in the world of professional football, Sillsport Sports Development will identify players who have the ability to establish at the top level. Our specialist sports management team will also work with them to offer career advice and mentoring to help them fulfil their potential on the pitch.

In order to fund the establishment and development of this business, the Company is raising money through a share issue.

It should be noted that investments into Sillsport Sports Development Ltd are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority nor are the investments covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

There may not be a market to sell the shares were the company to be wound up. Future returns are not guaranteed and investors may receive back less than they originally invested.

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