Sillsport Football Academy (Africa)

Established in 2006 by Glentoran FC and the Glentoran Community Trust, the Sillsport Football Academy is an exciting programme dedicated to searching for and nurturing the next generation of football talent from across Africa. Based in Ghana and run by the Sillsport Academy focuses not only on football but also all-round fitness, education and life skills.

Working in close partnership with youth organisations across Africa, our team of coaches and scouts recruit young talented players from across the continent. We know and understand that to produce high class performances the young players must have a balance to their activities. Therefore, the programme is not just about football but rather offers a complete educational and fitness programme developed specifically to deliver the desired end result of producing quality football players with a balanced and mature outlook on life.

As soon as they arrive, the young people are enrolled by the academy in schools to continue their education or are placed in centres where they can learn a trade. Football coaching and training is interwoven with the educational activities and takes place early morning before they attend classes from Monday to Friday. At the end of the day there is compulsory evening training for those children who are not in residence at the academy. All the coaching and training is geared towards playing matches and the academy is affiliated to the regional youth leagues and play matches at weekends.

Importantly, the academy also provides for time away from football and gives students three breaks throughout the year to relax and meet up with their families.

The Sillsport Football Academy project is delivered by a full time technical team consisting of coaches, physiotherapists, administration and housekeeping staff and is supported by a strong team of dedicated volunteers.

To date, more than 450 children have benefited from the Sillsport Academy. Over the next few years, we hope to see some of those graduate into the world of professional football.

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